Thursday, 11 July 2013

Empty Room

Empty Room
by Vincent Ryan Borres

I came in this morning and she was not there
All that's left was an empty room
She was the most straight-forward person I knew
So lovely and sincere, but all that's left now...
Is an empty bed, no sheets, all bare

I used to greet her "welcome to the University of Southampton"
And she'd reply "University of Reading"
But the next time I greeted her and said Reading,
Then she'll say "No, Southampton"

I will surely miss reading emails to her from her daughter in Australia
She would always correct and explain to me the words or things written.
Those emails brought me to places
I can only imagine how vivid it was for her and how pictures were painted in her mind
Whilst Im reading it as clear as I can

We used to talk about golf
She laughed so hard when I said "boogie" instead of "bogey"
Then, she drove every one insane when she couldn't remember the word "Albatross"
And, asked almost everyone about the word but nobody knows it but me.

We used to talk about Australia
She taught me how to pronounce Brisbane and Melbourne
And how the two words would rhyme the way she says it
She told me how lovely Perth is and also Sidney
I would always tell her that I'd love to visit Australia one day
And, she'd tell me "You have to"
Well, this is what I told her.... "One day soon it will happen and it will be pretty!"

One time, I went to her room and sang my mum and dad's theme song
A Tony Bennett's song titled "Because of you"
I even sang it one time when her daughter came to visit
Then, it gave me an idea to sing to her my favourite song
I brought my portable amplifier with my laptop and a proper microphone
Sang to her Joshua Kadison's song "Beautiful in my eyes"
She loved it and sang the chorus again and again

There was a day, while chatting with her she heard someone called me Vinny
And, she likes it and called me Vinny.
I told her that funny enough, my dad is called Benny
Then she asked how do you call your mother?
I said Amada. She started laughing and said "You call your mother, a mother!"
No, I said A-ma-da and we couldn't stop laughing.

She would always talk about Harry... the one and the only Harry
A gentleman, soft spoken, and hardworking
He used to run their business, a barbershop
He was such a good man, she said and she always miss him.
I told her not to worry because Im always there for her...
I can be her "Hairy Potter" and that will maker her laugh each time
And, she'd say that I always have a good joke for her.

So I told her the joke about how to know if it's a male cat or a female
And said to her that if it's a male it would sound "now" in a cat-like meow
Whilst the female cat would sound "tomorrow" saying it again like a cat's meow
She'd laugh again and again
And try repeating it
Or make up something out of it like "later or never"
Doing it the same thing I did.

Then, one morning when I came to work, she greeted me differently
Said to me.... "Vavavoom"and I was really surprised
Normally, she'll say "tomorrow" again like a cat's meow
Only to find out, one of my colleague introduced this new thing which is Vavavoom
That became her new greeting but would still remember the "tomorrow"

But, now there's no more "tomorrow"
How I wish I could have sang her a lullaby
Before the final farewell.... the last goodbye
You are indeed a true friend and you have chosen me to be your true friend
Thank you because you've made me realise that the empty room is not empty at all
It's full of memories, a blend of your stories and mine
We became best of friends until the next lifetime

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