Sunday, 30 June 2013

Coping with busy lifestyle

It's been a long while that I have not posted here.  I was, to the highest level, busy lately.  I am a working dad with a two-year-old son, works as a healthcare assistant in a nursing home, a musician (lead guitarist of Crossedwind), does band rehearsals and gigs around UK i.e. Romsey, Norwich, Colchester, and recently in Kings Cross London. I love making backing tracks as well as experimental music on my netbook which now Im using a Macbook, thanks to my wife, Lofel.  Also I have a walking buddy and we love walking once or twice a week together.  And then whenever my brother is short of players in his basketball team, he'll grab me and put me on the spot, in his team.  Just a couple of weeks back, we had a one-day league and played with them, and we won that league.

Now, the question is how do I cope with all these? Simple, I am doing a superman dive.  LOL!  Not, I am actually taking supplements but we will talk about that later.  Let's start off by discussing what sort of diet I'm eating.  I am not a fuzzy eater, I eat most stuff but nowadays with this busy lifestyle, I am only eating cornflakes.... yes, cornflakes.  At times, I eat toast with jam or butter or sometimes just plain toast with a cup of coffee.  Im not an avid tea drinker but time and again does drink peppermint tea, especially when I'm having bloated tummy just to get rid of the gas.  Pardon me!

In the morning, I will eat toast or cornflakes and will never miss taking my supplements, which is LifePak+ (full of nutrients and vitamins).  Then, in my workplace, we got free meals, so I eat a full lunch. Thanks to my boss and most of all all thanks to our chef, she is very good with this healthy diet.  There will always be brocoli, carrots and cauliflower but at times peas, sweet corn or cabbage.  Nevertheless, the veggies will always be there.

Having said that, in the evening, cornflakes again or any cereal or again, toast.  I will skip taking my evening supplement which is Tegreen because this is high in antioxidants and as I've said awhile ago, I am not an avid tea drinker so this is very helpful.  Also it's worth mentioning that the LifePak pills are rather big, which is a good thing because I needed to drink loads of water.  Knock on wood, I have not been ill for quite a long time now since Im on this diet and lifestyle, but I suppose it's more of the supplements that Im taking.

Catch up with you all later.  Cheers!


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