Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Dog walking around Romsey

Hello guys, it's been awhile that I haven't posted... I've been busy with my mate.  I walk with her and her dog Khan in the afternoon.  Mind you it's not boring, it's really fun especially that Khan gets all the attention.  Also it's not like a stroll in the park, it's a proper 2-hour walk.

We start from our house near or around Woodley Lane heading to Mercer Way then Canal Walk and out near the Plaza Theatre then to Town Centre up to War Memorial Park heading to the Barn and then Causeway and out near Cromwell Arms to the By-pass Rd then back to Romsey Town passing through Middlebridge Street and you will see Three Tuns on your right hand side then pass by Aldi's carpark and heading to Crossfield hall and out near the small roundabout going to the big round about near Rapids but go to the Knatchbull close heading to Botley Road then straight to Tadburn lake and pass by that field then out near Campion Drive heading toward The Hunters then back to Winchester Road then shortcut to Cuppernham School and back to Woodley Lane. What a journey.

Whilst walking we've talked about life, workplace, of course Khan and his tricks and talents, music, celebrities, gossips, ebay, business, lovelife, movies, career shift, almost anything under the sun or even under the rain. You'll never feel bored or tired because the 2-hour walk will just gone by so quick.

After walking, I feel energised and my mood is set again.  It's a lovely and refreshing experience.  As they say, walking is good for your heart.  It burns calories, stored fat and release tension and fatigue.  We've done this a couple of times now and I think it's time to explore another area for a dog walking with my Mate.  I'll update you soon guys for more walking exploration and journey perhaps with a little bit of photos.  Cheers!

P.S.  Apart from this lovely and healthy long walk, I am also taking a very nice health supplements which is called LifePak+ (full of nutrients and high in antioxidants) coupled with MarineOmega which is rich in fish oil and good for the heart.  Then before we walk, I take Overdrive, which is an anti-fatigue supplements mostly taken by people who loves to go to gym... so Im improvising myself.  Contact me if interested in these antiaging and health supplements.


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